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UPDATE: The Gaybraham Lincoln calendar for Sept. 2009 - Dec. 2010 is complete! Contact the appropriate parties if you'd like to order a calendar.

11 am - squirrel fishing - Backus, Esteban, Seabass

Props: Squirrel fishing implements
Attire: Dress like squirrel fishers. But gay.  And Lincoln.
Location: I don't know

11 am - John Harvard's lap - Diddy

Props: graduation cap? Diploma? Frat boy? Urine?
Attire: At Diddy's discretion
Location: John Harvard's lap

1 pm - Matrix - Adrian

Attire: trenchcoat, dark glasses
Location: undisclosed rooftop/unknown

2 pm - SHAZAM! - Hey Guys

Attire: SHAZAM!
Location: TBA

8 am - Subway - All

Attire: Pieces of suits, briefcases, newspapers, 
Location: The T on the way to Revere Beach

8 am - Beach - All

Props: ball, sunscreen, toys, sand penis, Esteban's bringing crabs.
Attire: Beach clothing
Location: Revere Beach

1 pm - Lincolns working out - All

Attire: workout clothing.  Running shorts, sweat bands, towels, etc.
Location: EC weight room

3 pm - Lincoln band - All (band plus audience)

Props: Instruments
Attire: Optional
Location: TBA (Kresge, courtyard, and music room have been suggested)


lincolns in the commons - props: vests?

last supper - all

spltting rails/wood - sea-bass

hiking - whoever hikes

classroom = lots + sadoway!

uncle "sam" - andrew!

lincoln(s) climbing = columns - steven, shopped into lincoln memorial?

lincoln shooting confederate flag - someone at adam's

science, labcoat, goggles, beakers, LN2, dry ice, jacob's ladder, nuclear war, etc - diddy, ben, backus

carful of gaybrahams = lots

steampunk lincoln - esteban! needs to make a gauntlet, gun, sweet suit.

holidays - lincoln for different holidays

snow - sledding! anyone

segway lincoln - ben is creepy

submission/bondage gear - steven's in charge. he needs it

gentlemen prefer blondes = ?

hardhat/toolbelt lincolns - ?

hacking lincoln - christmas - pole dancing - lincoln pyramid - Nirvana - Nevermind - police -