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Note: This is the main page for the hall party, please refrain from using this as a talk page. If you wish to discuss items on this page please put such comments in the Hall Party discussion page. Thank you. -Management


Arabian Nights

  • awesome decorations
  • themed food
  • themed music
  • ... we have $300 to play with

The Alcohol Decision

Yes. We took a vote; it ended up 5-12 for, with many abstentions.

  • The alcohol shouldn't be the whole web site directory point, just an aspect
  • Keep track of how much people have had by writing on the hand
  • Dilute w/ ice & making frilly drinks
  • We have volunteers from Putz who are compotent at this & willing to help us


  • Christian coordinating with help from Pia
  • themed & standard


  • belly dancing contest and/or lesson --> Prizes? bobbling hula girls, lava lamps. (Nara's friend Rae?)
  • awesome food (see below)
  • fortune telling (Nara with backup from Chieu)
  • dancing
  • Henna-ing (Pia with backup from Emily & Spam)
  • karaoke
  • making fun of drunk people

Rejected Activities

  • Mohammad-mocking cartoon contest
  • Anything involving smoking
  • Pin The Tail On Crown Price Abdullah (Andrew)


  • James will coordinate
  • hummus/pita chips (Esteban)
  • falafel (Spam)
  • fruit --> grapes!, dates, figs (Emily)
  • rose syrup for drinks (Pia)
  • ... and "normal food" --> chips & dip, cookies, chex mix
  • tabouli/couscous??? potential problems because of: cost, disposal, serving. (Spam)
  • Mango punch something
  • More research! More ideas!


  • Spam will coordinate with backup from Jenn & Emily & Pia & Esteban (declared the Manliest Man Ever)
  • Draperies
 * need to be careful about people leaning, bumping, tearing, batting
 * ceilings in lounges primarily
  • Lounge marketplace
  • Tents
  • Stars for ceiling
  • Desert theming
  • Balance between reusability & disposability
  • Cocoa based drinks

Prep & Cleanup


  • James coordinating
  • Get technology out of lounges and into safe places
  • Ruth has volunteered her room for storage
  • Posters -- Andrew coordinating


  • Esteban coordinating
  • The obvious

What goes where?

  • Benefits of Goodale lounge -- not carpeted, larger
  • Activities at ends of hallways. *But* can't block fire escape, so no tables in deep goodale. So mostly deep walcott.
  • Alcohol in Bemis bathroom
  • Bemis = desert
  • Food in Goodale lounge -- move Athena stations temporarily, food against wall?
  • Close off kitchen

Issues to figure out

  • What if we have too many people? ==> "bouncers", we need to recruit from elsewhere?