Happy Cocoa

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Pia with a gigantic cupcake for her Happy Cocoa in 2007.
We get shiny cakes for our birthdays!

Whenever it is (approximately) a slug's birthday, the hall Baking Chairs bake a cake (or other extravagant dessert) to be served during nightly cocoa. On the night of a Happy Cocoa, the Cocoa Chairs scream "HAPPY COCOA!!!" while calling cocoa. It is hall tradition to scream the "Happy Birthday Song" as cacophonously as possible rather than singing it. Those slugs whose birthdays are during times of no school may select an "unbirthday" to celebrate instead. For slugs who have managed to avoid happy cocoa for multiple years, the rumored "birthday week" will occur. The last known instance was reported to have happened in fall 2007, and was known simply as Karen's Birthday.

Budget Spring 2006

$12.78 Chocolate Chips

$3.58 Cake Mix

$3.18 Frosting

$2.59 Purple Icing

$2.50 Flour

$5.08 Eggs

$1.88 Margarine

$7.98 Butter

$2.50 Cream

Total Cost: $42.06

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