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In order to make sure our wiki stays as clean and as nice as possible there are a few guidelines to ensure consistence on all pages. This will also help your page look prettier as well.

  • To upload an image, hit the "Upload File" link on the left side of the screen, then use the code [[Image:Imagename.extension|thumb|right|Description of Image]] to put the image in your page.
  • To have a line end and the next line start, type <br> To have that happen multiple times, resulting in skipped lines, just type <br> multiple times.
  • Use * before each line to use bullets in your article and use # for automatic numbering (starting from 1)
  • To make a word on your page link to an article with its name, write [[word being linked]] i.e. if I mentioned Pikachu on this page, i could write [[Pikachu]] to make it a link to the Pikachu page. Links are case sensitive.
  • A red link means the page does not exist yet. Click on it in order to make a page on that topic.
  • Do not create links to pages that do not exist unless you plan on immediately making that page.
  • Do not create pages that are not linked from any page. A good way to make a page is first create the link from another page, then create the page.
  • There are 10 categories on the Slugwiki:
  1. Slugs
  2. Slugfest Culture
  3. Slugfest Government
  4. Slugfest Places
  5. Hall Feeds
  6. Projects
  7. MIT Culture
  8. MIT Places
  9. MIT Slang
  10. Class Material

When you create a page, it will probably somewhat fit into one of those topics. Add the article to that group by typing [[Category: CategoryName]] on the bottom of the page. To make this article in the Slugfest Culture group, I would type [[Category: Slugfest Culture]].