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Hosed: (adj) When a certain quantity of work is required by the Institvte, with a disproportionately less quantity of time to do it in.

History: The origin of the term "hosed" is in the context of the expression "Getting an education from MIT is like taking a drink from a fire hose" - with the implication that if you're lucky you can drink quite a lot, if you're unlucky you can get the wind knocked out of you, but either way you're going to get very wet.


<math>H=\frac{P\cdot W}{t}</math>

H=hosedness, P=Punting (distractions/hour), W=Work Assigned - Work Ignored (assignments), t=time(hours)


James has 6 unified problems due tomorrow, an n-question physics take-home quiz on thurdsay, and a 10 question relativity p-set due friday. He also has 2 physics p-sets from previous weeks to catch up on, (but will probably punt them so they are subtracted out) --><math>(W = 16+n)</math>

James went hiking all weekend, in New York, and is currently writing an entry for the wiki. --><math>(P = 30d/h)</math>

James has approximately 20 minutes till he experiences mental meltdown for the evening --><math>(t = .3)</math>

Thus: --><math>H = (30d/h)*(16+n)/(.3)</math> = about usual.

The Institute tries to control hosedness and the negative affects it often has on MIT students by giving "Student Holidays" every month. This time is often used relaxing, sleeping, and doing things freshmen do all year long thanks to pass/no record.