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Hosed: (adj) When a certain quantity of work is required by the institvte, with a disproportionately less quantity of time to do it in.


H=hosedness, P=Punting (distractions/hour), W=Work Assigned - Work Ignored (assignments), t=time(hours)


James has 6 unified problems due tomorrow, an n-question physics take-home quiz on thurdsay, and a 10 question relativity p-set due friday. He also has 2 physics p-sets from previous weeks to catch up on, (but will probably punt them so they are subtracted out) --><math>(W = 16+n)</math>

James went hiking all weekend, in New York, and is currently writing an entry for the wiki. --><math>(P = 30d/h)</math>

James has approximately 20 minutes till he experiences mental meltdown for the evening --><math>(t = 20*60)</math>

Thus: --><math>H = (30d/h)*(16+n)/(.3)</math> = about usual.