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Here is a list of possible IAP projects. If you have any other ideas, please add them to the list. We will be having a meeting at the beginning of IAP.

IAP Projects Meeting 1/11

Meeting lasted a while. We talked about creating a pot rack in the kitchen, possibly out of cable trays. Mark, Gina, and Karen were thinking of helping out with that. This project will possibly wait until the end of IAP so that James can help. Nobody's sure when James is returning. Kitchen might get repainted as well.

Bemix software has been delegated to Lyric and myself. I'll be working on the server-side of things, Lyric on the client side. Walker's going to be working on the touch-switches, and we plan on getting most of the hall wired and the rest of the trays up on saturday. Bemis bathroom will be the trial run of the system; we're going to make sure things are going smoothly before we install it in all 3 bathrooms.

Andrew's going to be working on fixing up the wiki, possibly setting up security so that people have to login to make changes (hopefully to keep the spam-ads out of the wiki). He's also going to be organizing the pages, removing some of the short ones and generally trying to link up the pages so that they are all get-to-able from someplace on the wiki.

People are interested in painting murals as well. Expect some emails about people's ideas. Possibly painting some ceiling tiles too. Spam and Emily were interested in painting a mural somewhere in Walcott. Ruth and Chieu are going to work on mounting the "Electricity" mural that's currently sitting in Goodale, and may be painting that too.

Jehan's going to be working on getting the spool into Walcott into shape. If anyone's interested in painting the spool, I think it'd be cool.

After the meeting Walker and I installed some old speakers in the Walcott lounge and connected them to cocoa-table, so it should sound a lot better in there. I think it might be neat to install some karaoke software in there or something : )

Walker and Karen may be installing a bookcase on the other side of Walcott lounge as well for symmetry (plus we don't have enough space for all our books at the moment).

Cocoa-table needs some repairs as well, though we're waiting for James to get the OK. We'd also like to get some wheels of some sort on the table to facilitate moving. If someone's got a few minutes to spare, it might be nice if the amp on the table sat in-between the soundcard and the speakers we're now using so the volume can be adjusted easily.

Someone might want to take a look at organizing the Walcott lounge (especially the area under the Cocoa pot). We should move the AC back into the lounge and out of the hall so it doesn't get grunged.

Post-IAP Projects Meeting 2/3/2006

Originally scheduled for 10pm, we finally started discussing official business around 10:30 in hopes that people would show up in the extra 30 minutes.

Completed projects:

  • Walcott spool table: Surface looks nice now, and ethernet/power centerpiece works. Maybe nice edging on the table would be good.
  • Kitchen: repainted, two sets of pot racks, shelf above fridges, drawers under the counter.
  • Central kitchen table is happy and pretty now. Mark will reoil it regularly, and everyone can just wash it with soap and water when it's dirty.
  • Emily and Spam's mural soooo pretty!!!! Yay!!!!
  • All the cable trays needed for now are in (running from Goodazzle to shallow Walcott), and wires are now running through them.
  • Bemix now works! Yay! Walker and Rob explained how the whole shebang works. It's expandable into a network with many multiples of devices. Lyric is working on the client for it. Feel free to submit ideas for things that can be controlled through the network.

Action items:

  • Cats poster in shallow Walcott: Possibly re-adhering it to the wall (rubber cement, spray adhesive, some other adhesive?). If it'll still look bad even when fixed up, maybe replacing it with something else? James and Mark.
  • Matching bookshelf for other corner in Walcott lounge - go to the Despot to get more wood.
  • James' slug-shaped papertowel holder for the kitchen and maybe eventually Walcott lounge.
  • Fix cocoa-table - fix front piece and add wheels.
  • Clean up Walcott lounge (return tools, clean up junk, where is the missing sectional??)
  • Decide how many cable trays to keep. Give the rest to Harvey or post it to re-use. Store the extra wood from the kitchen in Mark's room or James' room.
  • Finish the control system for the Barco. Buy a light for under the Barco from the Despot.
  • Think of storage areas/methods for more things in the kitchen: plates, pot lids, baking sheets, etc. Maybe just get more drying racks and use those as dish storage.
  • Spam paint pretty design behind stoves.
  • Karen is going to paint a pretty design on the wall where the switches are and hide the location of the switches as part of a more complete picture. Send any ideas y'all have to her.
  • Someone needs to clean and paint the hoods above the stoves.

Home Depot shopping list:

  • light for under the Barco
  • wood for other Walcott bookshelf

Gratuitous Technology

  • Cable Trays -- finish installing in central bemis, mid walcott and goodale, and the goodale lounge. Install conduit in the bathrooms. By the end of IAP, the left over cable trays will be posted to reuse.
  • Bemix -- install version 2 in bemis, shallow goodale and walcott. The hardware is finished and worked as of hall rush.
  • 4E Network -- The bemix hardware was pretty much hacked together and isn't expandable. The 4E network will change that, using PIC microcontrollers and RS485 serial. Exactly how it will do this still needs to be worked out.
  • Projects for the 4E network -- I'm fairly confident that I can get a prototype of the 4E network working by the end of IAP. All that stuff we talked about at the beginning of the year (control panel, cruft alarm, cocoa pot) can happen as long as we keep it very subtle.
  • Lecture Hall -- motorized barco screen, windowshade, etc.

Kitchen and Lounge Improvements

  • Kitchen -- try to make the kitchen more usable. Possible improvements include getting a pot rack and refinishing the center table.

Small projects

  • Cocoa table -- repair the table and upgrade the computer.
  • Barco inputs -- make lecture hall style VGA and audio inputs to the barco so people don't have to mess with the wires behind the computer.
  • Slugwiki -- it needs a major reorganization since its impossible to get to most of the content from the main page. It should also be backed up.


In the aims of beautifying our hall, several murals have been suggested which are both tasteful, and appropriate for hall culture. When applied to various sections of hall whitespace with consummate attention to detail they will be both beautiful and last for years to come. Mural ideas will be presented and voted on by a quorum of hall members before they are installed.

  • Slug Mural -- emily and company
  • Flying Spaghetti Monster -- Esteban (and others have voiced support)