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Fourth East having cocoa, every damn night.

Fourth East, located on the fourth floor of the east parallel of East Campus, is a co-ed living group, home to around 40 undergrads and 1 GRT.

Some of the things our residents enjoy include cooking, movies, adventuring and biking, working on projects, partying, collecting electronics, listening to loud music, playing frisbee and soccer, and working on problem sets (or enjoying pass/no record). We have a traditional nightly cocoa (other beverages welcome). Many of our residents are active in the greater East Campus community.

Our historical name is "Slugfest," which refers to when residents took extra time to graduate or hung around MIT for a few extra years to get a higher degree.

Looking over Ames Street.



Our culture is sometimes a little hard to nail down. Lots of us like to cook, but some of us only really know how to use the microwave. Some of us stack our rooms with computers found on reuse; some of us keep the emptiest rooms found in East Campus. We decidedly have many course six majors, but no real shortage of other majors, either. Our residents participant in a wide variety of extracurricular activities, including the student government, research, sports teams, competitive teams and a huge variety of cultural groups.


Projects have a large place in our hall history. "Back in the day" it is rumored that people used calculators and finger scanners to open their doors. A perennial project is the Bemix music system, letting residents make playlists from their room and then play it in their bathroom of choice or in the "Walcool" ceiling tiles.

Mural in our bathroom, touch it gently if it's not broken.

Hall Feeds


Every term we have about six or seven hall feeds. Hall feeds are hall sponsored activities where a few residents make food for the rest of the hall and guests. Everyone is happy. Check out past hall feeds and keep up to date with what hall feeds are coming up!


The hall is governed by three hall chairs that are elected each spring at the scheduled hall budget meeting. Our chairs attend bi-weekly East Campus meetings, occasionally mediate conflicts, and make decisions about our hall rooming, budget, etc.

We also have a dedicated GRT or Graduate Resident Tutor--a grad student who is given a wad of cash each semester to act like a freshmen. Our current GRT is Ella Kim.

In 2002, the residents of our hall ratified a new hall constitution which is still in effect today.


Fourth East is divided into three sections: Walcott, Bemis, and Goodale. Each section of the hall has its own character, defined by its current residents.

The hall has two lounges: the Cocoa Lounge and the Goodale Lounge.


Fourth East is proud of its murals, and started a project of documenting them in 2015. Take a look at our murals!

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