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During the 2005-2006 academic year, several Slugs spent a lot of time microwaving things. This is a list of things slugs have tried, with varying degrees of damage to themselves and the microwave.

  • Computer parts - lots of sparks and even more toxic smoke. Sometimes the plastic connectors would catch on fire. Usually smells horrible.
  • Mesh wire - Arcs between the wire and the bottom of the microwave. Once it even welded itself onto the microwave.
  • Fire - Makes periodic fireballs. Cocoa stirrers are good for small demonstrations; a paper towel soaked in alcohol is good if you want to fill the entire microwave with fire. This is the best demonstration.
  • Metallic bag - Sparks and shrinks.
  • Capacitors - They spark and explode. For best results, the leads should not be shorted. Do not open the microwave door until all have exploded or a sufficient time has passed with the microwave off.
  • CD - sparks, not very impressive.
  • Red hot glass or rock - The entire thing should melt becuase molten glass has free ions which make it susceptible to the eddy currents induced by the microwaves. We couldn't get it to work.
  • Copper Braid - green sparks
  • Cardboard with ethanol - looks like a bunch of candles
  • Ethanol in a cup - Green flames swirl up