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Mock7 06.jpg
This is Mike.
Athena username: mock
Class of: 2007
Primary course: 10
Current room: G402
Date of birth: 3/27/85
Hometown: Parker, CO
AKA: Mangler, Blitzball

Mike loves sports, video games, a cappella, course 10, his girlfriend, Melody, and anything to do with Arizona. He thinks he was about the dumbest guy to get into MIT, but worked hard enough to make it to senior year. Right now, he feels that he has the best support group of family and friends that any person could ask for.

Lately, he's enjoyed Fantasy Sports, Psychology, Spanish, Mandarin, Course 9, playing the stock market, and green chemistry (in addition to ChemE, of course).

Mike is:
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Oh yeah, he wanted you to know that Hybrid cars are awesome.