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Aaron Bader wrote:

At dinner the other night, I had the pleasure of meeting Pat Pribyl, whose name
might be familiar to the more observant ones in slugfest, as he was the hall
chair of fourth east sometime between '73 and '75 when he lived there as an

Back then, fourth east was not known as slugfest, it had no other name besides
fourth east.  It was one of the two "reasonable" floors in EC, 5W being the
other one.  5E, 4W and 2E were the unreasonable floors, with 5E having it's
walls painted entirely black, and 5E was also pretty incompetent, having made a
smoke bomb that exploded in the [[Bemis]] stairwell, shattering the windows down to
the 2nd floor.  The picture wall in [[Walcott lounge]] was in it's infancy having
been started in the late 60's.  There was no dominance of course 6 or any other
major on the hall.  He seemed to think course 8 was pretty popular, but that's
probably because he's a fizzicist himself.  (we all know fizzix is the correct
way to spell what you learn in course 8)

Most surprisingly, [[cocoa]] was already traditional.  11:00 cocoa was already
established in the 70's and it's origins are still unclear in the murky EC
past.  Cocoa calls were more docile though, and usually involved people
knocking on doors and dinging spoons inside mugs.  There may have been forcible
removal of people from psets into walcott to drink cocoa, or I might have just
made up that right now...

Oh, and Pat claims to have "started" the sodium drop.  Except he did it in the
winter, when the Charles was frozen.  Though, he mentions that perhaps people
had been doing it long before him.  He did say he was going to be in MIT
recently, but unfortunately it's going to be the weekend that we go to New