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Pikachu pimping Taz and the Ape in Goodale Lounge.

Stuffed doll of the Pokémon character Pikachu. Legend has it that the doll was purchased at Swap Fest by Vimal for $1. The man who sold him was a very sketchy vendor and Pikachu was incredibly germ-ridden for the remainder of his life.

Pikachu of the Day was a tradition in the Fall of 2005 where frosh dressed Pikachu up as a variety of different characters. This tradition lasted all of two weeks when Pikachu "went missing". We could only hope that the evil doer who stole/killed/sexually molested Pikachu would one day recognize the evil he or she had done and return Pikachu to his rightful place in the Goodale Lounge.

Months after Pikachu died, a new Pikachu and a Snubbull was purchased from eBay.

A-Diddy dressed up as Pikachu for Halloween.

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