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Official hall policies are voted on as outlined in the Constitution.

Mural Policy

You can do whatever you want to your room and door. Any white space in the hall can be painted over, though it's courteous to email salt ahead of time to gauge opinions. Replacing or modifying any existing murals requires an email and a subsequent vote. There are communal painting supplies in a cabinet outside the kitchen, which you can use on your door or on hall murals

Clothing Policy

Slugfest is clothing-optional everywhere except in the kitchen and at hall events (including cocoa). Don't sit your naked butt on hall furniture though.


In February 2015 we voted to officially keep the name Slugfest. Other proposed names include *fest, thugfest, sharkfest, 4E, "The Floor", Donlan, and snakefest. We also voted to worship Donlan.