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There are several different ways to do ethernet. The possibly cheapest involves an pic18f that includes an ethernet PHY. It could be a good idea, or terrible.


The minimum to make a DMX board, is a board that has a UART that can run at 250Kbps. Microchip has some Application notes that specify a method to recieve and transmit DMX data. See PIC DMX Development

Existing Projects

  • AC Dimmer Board - supports a 485 UART, and dimming 6 AC loads. Currently the first revision of the board has a few issues. A new revision is in the works.
  • USB DMX Board - Wow, this one exists... will post schematics soon

Software and other Resources

Crazy Ideas

3 Channel Stepper Driver

Actually making boards:!--A-better-etc/step5/Save-the-etchant-for-next-round-Youre-done/

HCl and H202 Rework Station

Cocoa Table Surface

This doesn't a page yet. Some ideas for supplies include:

  • IR Leds,
  • PS3 Eye,
  • Mirror?
  • Wood
  • Computer
  • Someone to be in charge.