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During room wars, hall members rank their choice of rooms (not all rooms need to be ranked), leaving theirs last on the list - no one will ever receive a room worse than their current room. Squatters list their own room, turn in their forms, and are then guaranteed the same room for the following year. Priority is evaluated based on a) the amount of time spent living on the hall, b) the number of terms spent at MIT (in increments of semesters - these numbers are added together to make a base-priority), and c) consideration of current room size. People who have lived in a smaller room (and for a longer time) will have higher priority than hallmembers of the same year/time who are in larger rooms. For hallmembers who have the same priority (e.g., freshmen living in doubles), priority is randomly established within the group by the hall chairs, and then used for assignment of rooms.

Below is a chart of 4e room sizes (A is the largest, E is ridiculously small). Not all parts of the hall have all the numbers 401 to 414, so we will denote these nonexistent room sizes as -. Note that Bemis 413 and Goodale 406 are both official doubles. Goodale 405 is the GRT room.

Walcott Bemis Goodale
401 A D -
402 C B B
403 A D C
404 A D A
405 C D -
406 B D B
407 B B -
408 C D -
409 A D -
410 A B C
411 C E A
412 E D A
413 C A C
414 B D A
415 - B -
416 - D -