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Hall Rush is the evening when all freshmen assigned to East Campus either originally or through the Housing Readjustment Lottery adventure among the 10 very different halls of the dorm to decide where they fit best.

Traditionally, Slugfest's Rush activities include a Pizza Feed and various other munchies, as well as the first of our nightly Cocoas. Rush this year (2005) also featured vaguely slug-shaped cookies, entertainment on all three Barcos -- Homestarrunner looping in the Goodale Lounge, The Matrix and The Rock in ASCII in Fish's room, and Super Smash Brother's in Lyric's room -- as well as jigsaw puzzles in the Cocoa Lounge, cruft smashing in Deep Walcott (entertaining and therapeutic), and Ruth's Mom allegedly plying her trade in Shallow Goodale.

Specific Rushes