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'''Michael Scarito'''<BR>
'''Michael Scarito'''<BR>
"Wait... When's finals breakfast?"
"Wait... When's finals breakfast?"
'''[[Nathaniel Knopf]]''' <BR>
"West Campus might as well be Harvard" <br>
"There's not enough alcohol in the world to make up for 18.02." <br>
[drawing on Nathaniel's belly button] "You're ''dangerously'' close to my no-no square!" <br>
"[[Daniel Shaar |Dshaar]] is not my one-and-only; he's my five-and-sometimes." <br>
[out of fucking nowhere] "I think I have armpit cancer." <br>
"The universe is a book in a language I'm not familiar with." <br>
"[on having to clean hall] This might as well be Baker." <be>
'''Pia Pal'''<br>
'''Pia Pal'''<br>

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Very memorable quotes by Slugs are written on the three whiteboards for public viewing.

Begin Quotes

General Sluggery
"Well it's ok, he loves me more than I love him."
"He's just stupid, he doesn't understand that you don't love people."
"The powerfuck is awesome."

Aaron Bader
"Yeah, we've lost several GRTs over the past couple of years due to coastal raids." - Unattributed individual to Bader in a dream.

Akshat Bubna
"D shaar"
"He needs Daddy milk."
"It is literally the fermented fruit of my loins."

Andres Perez
"Is there something wrong with dshaar fucking all our mothers?"
"They'll be sexually interested in Max once they see him without his clothes"

Andrew Westerdale
"Heeey." - If he greets you, it's likely to be with this, in a very laid-back manner. He never says "hi" or "hello" or "what's up my house doggie g yo".
"I was giving it to you! Surprise style!" - He was talking to Emily.

Ben Peters
"You don't have to be an athlete to be a racist." (2009)

Brian M Axelrod
"I'm going to set my porridge to cook."
"This is all I'm looking forward to on my 21st birthday: buying wine for cooking."
"The highlight of my life is opening the crockpot to see if my vegetables have burned or not."
"Did you not set-up mass production lines when you were a child?"

Candace Okumko
"We're all homies in the eyes of the Lord."
"I will never wreck your asshole, Soma."
"What is the gay lifestyle?"
"I love it when you're in my way. It turns me on."
"My attitude is too hot to be flame-retardant."
*entire prolapsed anus speech*
"Do you think that you'll ever reach the point in your life where you'd accept it if someone just shat on you?"

Daniel Shaar
"I need my fingers to be warm and gushy for a softer touch."
"My dick-- is ENORMOUS."

David Harvison
"Boss Maddy Index" - In discussion of the Body Mass Index.
"My life goal is to become a butt pirate"

Emma Rutkowski
"I don't know why people think Ivan is froshy... He's more like just five."
"I like you a lot, but you can't have my pants."
"Are you talking about scratching your prolapsed anus?" - Emma to Candace
Max: "What would you do for a taquito?" Emma: "ANYTHING!"
"Dead children are my fetish."

Eric Marion aka Boyd
"Back in the day when Boyd was more hardcore." (2009)
"I better keep my mouth shut or else bad things will happen." (2009)

Ivan Tadeu Ferreira Antunes Filho
"Does the November rule apply to prefrosh?"

Jess Kenney
"You need to get to the core zen of what is a placenta."
"You wouldn't look like a lesbian, just someone who likes girls, which is similar, but not the same."

Julia Kudryashev
"That's too flowery...need reptile skin...too much skin!"

Kevin Zhou
"I'm ready to kiss everyone."

Mario Contreras
"I actually got this wrong, guys. I'm a potato."
"I'm such a fucking potato."
"[Potatoes] have so many fucking chromosomes but they're still fucking inanimate."

[On why he's not on hall] "I asked people to shave me but I was rejected even though I was trying to make friends."

Max Baas-Thomas
"There's only one fucking language, and it's love."
"Never have I ever taken a tactical chunder."

Megan O'Leary
"You should fix your face before you sleep."

Michael Scarito
"Wait... When's finals breakfast?"

Pia Pal
"What's its name?" - of Edwin Chen's prefrosh

Rachel Aviles
Ali: "Where's my phone?" Rachel: "Ali, you obviously twerked it into oblivion."

Rami Manna
"If you starve someone, they're going to eat their kids."

Rayna Gadzheva
"69 points?! That's not satisfying... which is strange considering it's 69..."
"What is that? (0.01 seconds later) Boobs."
"This is a D."

Rob Crowell
-"You're being too hard on it."
-"I tried being gentle but it wasn't responding."

"I'll take one Carter-sponsored Mexican feast for myself." (2011)

Slava Kim
"You don't have to be naked to look good."

Soma Mitra-Behura
"I don't want to touch. I just want to watch."
"Your eyes are made for staring."
"Micchu Pacchu? That was a pretty good guess."
"I'm a drug in that book."
"Have an argument! Please! Have an underwear argument!"

Taylor Sims
"Some sort of gel emerged."
"[Emma's vagina] is like a black hole."