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Very memorable quotes by Slugs are written on the three whiteboards for public viewing.

Begin Quotes

General Sluggery
"Well it's ok, he loves me more than I love him."
"He's just stupid, he doesn't understand that you don't love people."
"The powerfuck is awesome."

Aaron Bader
"Yeah, we've lost several GRTs over the past couple of years due to coastal raids." - Unattributed individual to Bader in a dream.

Rob Crowell
-"You're being too hard on it."
-"I tried being gentle but it wasn't responding."

David Harvison
"Boss Maddy Index" - In discussion of the Body Mass Index.
"My life goal is to become a butt pirate"

"I don't know why people think Ivan is froshy... He's more like just five."

Ivan Tadeu Ferreira Antunes Filho
"Does the November rule apply to prefrosh?"
Pia Pal
"What's its name?" - of Edwin Chen's prefrosh

Nathaneal Knopf
"West Campus might as well be Harvard"
"If you don't mind getting down and dirty with Poo[h]..."

"I don't want to touch. I just want to watch."
"Your eyes are made for staring"

Daniel Shaar
"I need my fingers to be warm and gushy for a softer touch"

Michael Scarito
"Wait... When's finals breakfast?"

Andrew Westerdale
"Heeey." - If he greets you, it's likely to be with this, in a very laid-back manner. He never says "hi" or "hello" or "what's up my house doggie g yo".
"I was giving it to you! Surprise style!" - He was talking to Emily.

Eric Marion aka Boyd
"Back in the day when Boyd was more hardcore." (2009)
"I better keep my mouth shut or else bad things will happen." (2009)

Ben Peters
"You don't have to be an athlete to be a racist." (2009)

"I'll take one Carter-sponsored Mexican feast for myself." (2011)