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Repair Efforts


  • Kitchen Mopped -4e
  • Bathrooms Mopped -4e
  • Hall carpet Shampooed? -Grunge
  • Clean Bathrooms - 4e
  • De-Stinkify - Fan
  • Dry hall Carpet - 4e
  • Replace Cieling tiles
  • Wash Pots/Pans, Everything in kitchen
  • Scrub Kitchen table
  • Clean Other Kitchen Surfaces
  • Launder Oven Mitts, etc.
  • hire someone professional to do a check on the mold
  • take pictures of everything

The Plan

9/19 evening - help bader clean his closet


  • Mold in Baderville
  • Possibility of Mold in Carpets, kitchen, etc.
  • Funky Smell


  • MIT insurance (Karen Nillson)?


From Ang: "I recommend you take pictures of everything, and note down the date and times of any activity on the hall on the part of the cleaners. I also recommend you start making a list, with replacement costs of stuff on the hall. Also, it doesn't hurt to have each hall member write about their feelings and what was damaged of their property. Then give the bill, with all the statements to MIT."