Third Easterator

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A big metal thing that resonates East Campus when pushed.


A gift from the residents of 2W, received on November 23, 2007. What was once a stand for a waterjet became a desk stand. When it was dragged on the floor, its miraculous ability to be loud as all hell was discovered. This can be used as retaliation for Octagon or Ultrabuster use. It has since been decorated with marble contact paper and its name in a fancy cursive font.

Theft Attempts

As such a loud and valuable hunk of welded metal, villains try to take it for their own.

First Attempt

Third East came up to steal it late one night. A heartfelt plea by DSA assured its return. This foiled attempt led to schemes to protect it with a keycard system.

Second Attempt

On May 13, 2007 [We used it before we received it later in the year? Awesome!], there came such a racket from Third and Fifth that it was deemed necessary to bring out the Third Easterator. This did not amuse Third, so they came up. This resulted in a wrestling match that ended when everyone, thieves and protectors alike, pushed it toward its storage place. Once out of Bemis and in Walcott, the majority of the thieves were trapped behind the fire door. The few that were left fought with determination until it was safely returned to ehufsted's room.

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