Vimal Bhalodia '04

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Now works for Bridgewater Associates in CT. A double-major in Course 6 and Course 15, Vimal was known in the dual roles of Captain Cruft and Captain Sloan because of his m4D sK1Llz in computer science and business.

A member of the 4E Mafia and one of the original creators of Teddy Borg, Vimal is still remembered both for his humorous nature and his extravagant Plans.

Vimal is also the only Hall Chair who, to the amusement of many Slugs (and the bemusement of others), managed to turn the position into that of Hall Dictator.

Last year, while Vimal was a grad student, it took one freshman an entire month to realize that he didn't actually still live on the hall. He is known for telling stories, especially along the lines of "Back in my day, we didn't have foo and we liked it. And we asked for more!"

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