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Camping trip to the white mountains is planned for Sep 23-25 2006. We will be staying in Intervale cabin. The following is a description of how I arrived at an estimated cost of the trip.

2 rental minivans for ~$420 (this price goes down if we return them before 6 on Monday.) I'm estimating gas cost at $100 but it may be more.

GRT budget pays for 200 of this cost. remaining cost split between 14 people for ~22.85

Intervale cabin costs $100 per night (but we don't have to pay for campgrounds and Mitoc equipment.)

Of this $200, GRT pays for $50. The remaining $150 gets split between 16 people (iJenn and Rodrigo are driving separately.) Estimated 9.40 per person.

Total estimated cost $32.25 per person