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*carbonated fruit (ask Ike!)
*carbonated fruit (ask Ike!)

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Party was passed for Fall 2006. Time to start thinking of things we should be thinking about.


October 7th. If anyone has any serious objects, let arwest know.


Yeah, we need a theme, add your ideas and feelings below:

  • Pirates:
    • Pirates fucking rock.
  • Post-Apocalyptic Nuclear Wasteland (12)
  • Rocky Horror Party
  • Alice in Wonderland (8)
    • Whoever came up with this idea, I love you (platonically).
  • Mythology
  • The Big Easy (7)
  • Boston Tea Party



  • Thunderdome danceoff
  • Periodically, designated Jesus raptures selected partygoers.
  • 4 horsemen ... ?
  • Brainstorm more!! -- watch Mad Max &/or The Road Warrior (I don't know, ask Bader or Adam)
  • Karaoke (Sam has karaoke revolution...)


  • medication-looking
  • colors/glowing
  • glow in the dark gummi worms
  • carbonated fruit (ask Ike!)
  • twinkies
  • cockroaches


  • Radiation/danger signs (?)
  • glowing stuff
  • fog machine
  • black light
  • long paper skyline
  • reddened lights (?)


Meeting on 9/27 at 9:00 PM


There are jobs that need to be done. More than one person should be working on each job, so add yourself if you are interested even if others are listed with that job too.

  • Buy stuff from Star during first week of October
    • milks, food (or ideally Saturday AM) Esteban/Laura/Emily
  • Buy stuff from Haymarket (maybe) the day of the party
    • Brown, maybe Alison
  • Make music lists
    • "What are they going to listen to after the apocalypse? Obviously Duran Duran." --Adam
    • David/Adam (Sam, Amber)
  • Decorations
    • Sam/Alison
  • Posters
    • arwest + david + esteban (announce when you're doing it & others will come help)
  • Setup/Cleanup
    • Michael/Sam/Yin Mon setup
    • Emily/Kristin + everyone who isn't a jackass

Fog Machine

  • Fog machine!!

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