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The origins of the word "junt" are obscured to time, however through usage on 4e the word has been revived and in standard slugfest argot (which will soon be national argot, we promise) has adopted some specific meanings. The following entry should be added to any serious lexicographer's creations

Entry: Junt v.
Inflected forms: -s, -ed, -ing

1. To make unusable. To completely destroy, usu. with respect to electronics or mechanical systems. We completely junted the power supplies

2. To steal, often making no attempt to hide the action. Who junted my pie?

3. rare To be awesome. My hobbies include, junting, being awesome... note: this may be the only occurance of the word in this context

Entry: Junted adj.

1. Unusuable, destroyed, totaled. I can't play awesomeball because my ankles are junted.

Entry: Junt n.
Inflected forms: -s

1. An incongrous food item, esp. one that no sane person would ever think of cooking. Actual taste can range from nauseating to quite good. The Apple Junts, which were sausages wrapped in apples, deep fried, and slathered in sugar, won an award during the EC apple bakeoff.

2. obs. Disparaging term for any item. My expectorations fall upon thy junts.