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This "Gutenesqe Guide", is a summary of what I've learned about PIC programming. So far I only have experience with the PIC24F series. This might become more of a brocoding page, if Rob wants to edit it as well.

I am also looking at AVR development, although my quick gut feeling is PICs are better for low cost situations. It might be advantageous to use AVR32s for more serious designs, or ARMs, but I haven't determined what the correct option. You can read about the musing and decision making process on the Microcontroller Smackdown page.

Specifically the PIC24F16KA102 Datasheet I am using MPLABX version 7, and C30 v3.30b, and will continue to upgrade it as new version come along. I'll post an caveats as I discover them. Below is an outline of what I could mostly explain now. I'll fill in pages as I go along

  • What You're Getting Into
  • microchip product finder
  • Required Components
  • First Steps
    • Oscillators
    • WDT
    • Digital IO - Blinking an LED
    • Sneaky Little Surprises
  • UARTs
  • PWM
  • Timers
  • Interrupts
  • Everything I haven't Learned

A good resource is the set of | PIC24F Reference Manuals

EE Development