Spring Thanksgiving 2009

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Thanksgiving is pretty much the best holiday. You spend all day cooking, eat more food than what should be humanly possible, and then sit around and be fat all night, until it's time to start working on the leftovers. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving only comes once a year. The good news is, we can fix that by having another Thanksgiving in May. I'm sure there's some point in the 3 day weekend between the end of classes and the start of finals that people can do this.

Sign up below with what you want to make and when you want the dinner to be, and let's do it.


Nom Nominator
Turkey arwest
Stuffing arwest
Sweet Potato Casserole Nate
brocccccccoli quiche fangfei
Mashed potatoes and gravy YinMon
Corn Casserole dbackus
Iced Tea Shaymus
Cranberry sauce (canned) sagha
pi trchan
chocolate zucchini cake cx

Time Preferences

Dinner will be served at 5pm on Friday the 15th. If you have strong objections, let arwest know.