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Saturday November 18th, 6:00 PM

Planning has begun in earnest!!! This year will be bigger, awesomer, and more experienceder than any of the awesome that has preceded it.

General Info

Thanksgiving dinner will be held the saturday before thanksgiving in the hopes that as many people will be able to come as possible. Who is welcome? Basically anyone who cares enough about 4E to read this page of the slugwiki. Including but not limited to: Current residents, Past residents, Future residents, quasi-residents (Leon, you're always welcome), and if vimal was here, I'm sure he would add 'attractive, single females'.

Turkey Points

We are still collecting turkey points! Every turkey point we get represents $1 towards helping fund thanksgiving. Apparently you can use them for more than just turkey (which we should, cause turkeys are cheaper at costco) and they can be from anyones's shaws card. Give them to James or just tuck them under the door of WA 411.

Sign Up to Cook

One of the best parts about thanksgiving is that everyone (I mean, EVERYONE) helps out. Its a fun-filled day of cooking/baking/deepfrying that is almost as enjoyable as sitting down and eating the half-ton of food we've just prepared. If you want to cook, but havent a clue what to do, then volunteer for the peas/carrots or something similarly simple. There will be plenty of people in the kitchen who can help you out (make sure you dont screw up too bad) and you might learn a thing or two. So sign up!

Deep Fried Turkey James, Eric, Fish
Mashed Potatoes Ruth
Sweet Potatoes Drew
Roast Potatoes Alison (unless anyone else volunteers) (Gina can help)
Corn Rob
Stuffing Esteban, ijenn
Mushroom Pie Brown
Gravy Angela
Pie Gina(apple, cranberry apple, cranberry pumpkin?), Alison, Angela (squash pie if trial run goes well) Laura (chocolate mousse pie) Mark(pecan)
Green Beans Mark
Carrots Karen
Peas Karen
Fresh Bread Laura Rob
Biscuits Laura Rob
Corn Bread Anna Goldie
Cranberry Sauce alisonc
Apple Cider Walker
Applesauce Alison (unless anyone else volunteers)
General Assistance Aaron, Jehan
Puzzle (complete) Aaron
Add something!

Plan to cook food for about 60 people. After you sign up for what you want to cook, please figure out what you will need, as far as ingredients are concerned (quantities please) and James will compile a master shopping list, broken down by store. Also, let James know about how long you will take and when you want to start, so we can think about scheduling things in ovens that dont have to stay warm, etc.

The Plan

Thaw the turkeys Star run wednesday the 15th, 3:00pm. It would be cool to have some help with this one, as I dont want to carry 5 frozen turkeys home by myself. People going include:

  • James
  • -add yourself here if you want to go-*

Haymarket run friday the 17th, some time in the morning. Allison will coordinate but wants volunteers to help carry things. (volunteers > 3 -> alison.happy = true) These volunteers are:

  • Alison
  • -add yourself here if you want to go-

Costco run will be friday the 17th, some time in the late afternoon, when traffic is worst. People going to Costco include: (2 spots in car, others can come on T if they want)

  • James
  • Bader

A Star run can happen concurrently with the costco run, such that when the car is back from costco, and unloaded, it can be used to ferry things back from Star. People going to Star include:

  • -add yourself here if you want to go

Cooking Pies begins Friday night, as usual, to accomodate as much counter/oven space as possible for what is arguably one of the awesomest parts of the feast.

Turkeys will go in the fryer at arround 1:30 pm saturday, Its quite a spectacle, so come watch! Cooking in the kitchen begins arround this time as well.

The feast starts as close to 6:00 pm as we can get it, and then, when we can all move again, everyone will help clean up. If you would like to be a cleanup area supervisor:

  • -add yourself here if you want to be a cleanup supervisor-


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