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A Barco in the Goodale Lounge

A large projector used to display images shown on a computer to the masses. Commonly used to watch Aqua Team Hunger Force, eBaum's World, Unicorns LA and various other forms of media. The most used Barco can be found in the Goodale Lounge, but is located at various places during Rush.


Two of the three Barcos originated from a Reuse post in the summer of 2004. Eight Barcos from building two were posted for reuse - approximately six of the eight ended up in East Campus, two ending up on Slugfest. Of the initial two, Jennifer Gagner owns the one in Goodale Lounge while Matt Fishburn owns a Barco kept in his own room. A third Barco of unknown origins (believed to be from the same reuse post) was left abandoned at the bottom of the Bemis stairwell during the summer of 2005, eventually to be claimed by Walker Chan. Walker's Barco currently resides in Brown Westrick and Karen Chu's room.