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The hallowed halls of Thugfest

The south end of the middle third of the floor, affectionately known as Thugfest not only for the thug-like character of its inhabitants, but also for the poor physical condition of the hall itself. Bemis is home to Happy Jesus, the Thugfest Cookbook, the Bemix sound system, painted ceiling tiles, and the Bemis Bathroom.

Thugfest Culture

Denizens of Bemis have grown accustomed to the filth, shoddy workmanship, incessant noise, inhumane living conditions, and the Media Lab's eternal shade that define life there. Members of Thugfest can be found living, working, and terrorizing in all sections of Slugfest, and are eager to volunteer their time and efforts for hall projects, hall feeds, and culinary innovation (especially involving Tang and pies). They rarely sleep and are generally accepting of their neighbor's noise and mess at any hour of day.

Bemis provides an ideal sandbox environment and cheap labor source for many of the projects that take place on Slugfest. While major undertakings involve Slugs from every part of the hall, much of the actual planning and construction takes places within its physical confines. If there's a pile of sawdust or heap of electronics somewhere in the hallway, it's probably sitting in the middle of Bemis right in everyone's way.

The Thugfest way of life is idealized by the lifestyles of many of its residents, including Rob Crowell, Andrew Westerdale, Emily King, Gina Angelosanto, and Walker Chan. With the arrival of the class of 2010, the Thugfest way of life has expanded past the confines of Bemis into shallow Walcott. With the arrival of the class of 2011, the Thugfest way of life expanded even deeper into Walcott. People with names beginning with B (and proud of it) generally prefer to live in Bemis.

Thugfest Government

An executive board and a group of committies govern Thugfest. The Thugfest government is independent of the Slugfest government.

Thugfest Positions

  • Treasurer - keeps track of thugfest finances
  • Poll Comm
  • Baking Chair
  • Secretary
  • Max Fridge Comm - buys soda for the Max Fridge
  • Bone Comm - enforcement of the November rule
  • Flag Comm - maintains the Thugfest flag
  • Printer Comm - maintains Juntonian

Thugfest Mailing Lists

  • Thugfest-residents - an official mailing list with all the current residents of thugfest. This list should only be used for official announcements such as water shutdowns.
  • Thugfest-discuss - a discussion list that rivals salt in popularity and traffic. Thugfest-discuss is used for general discussion.
  • Thugfest-exec - the thugfest executive board, owns all the thugfest lists
  • Thugfest-request - for requests about Thugfest lists
  • undergrads-inform - a list for dissemination of important information
  • floorpie - discussion and announcements regarding thugfest pie night

Bemis Bathroom

The Bemis bathroom is conveniently located in central Bemis. This singular multiple occupancy bathroom is well known for its small showers and good water pressure. The pre-renovation era Bemis bathroom was famous for its brown tile walls and floor, broken light fixtures, and the Bemix music system. Even the post-renovation Bemis bathroom remains fitting of Thugfest since the Fifth East bathroom now drains into a light fixture.

Long-term plans for this bathroom include a sauna in the first shower stall, Bemix personalized music system, and glass doors on each shower. For the moment, however, Slugs would settle for a towel rack.

Short-term plans include a mural by Emily King featuring a composite of scenes from the classic NES game Super Mario Bros. 3. Part of the mural highlight the five buttons used to control Bemix.

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