Emily King

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Emily King
Emily is a ninja. She could take a pirate.
Athena username: kingel
Class of: 2009
Primary course: 8
Current room: B411
Date of birth: 03/03/1987
Hometown: Longmont, CO
AKA: Steeeeeeeve

Emily King, aka Steve. Class of 2009, she is majoring in Course 8. She lives in the smallest room on the hall, Bemis 411, which nevertheless manages to look relatively large with the dual-purpose loft and guard against the tall.

For any worried parties, her ex-roommate Jennifer Doyle still exists, possibly still in a Calabi-Yau space, as much as anyone or anything can exist in this world. The upside-down door now belongs to someone else's room, but it is still very much in her heart.

Emily organized the creation of the hall's mural "Sodium Chloride" - which is awesome, and oh, so artistic. She also recently took a trip to Puerto Rico with Rob Crowell and Jehan DeFonseka. She has also painted a celtic-knot-with-dragons mural in her room, which she hopes will remain there for some long period of time.