Rob Crowell

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Rob Crowell
Taken in Bemis, TN
Athena username: crowell
Class of: 2008
Primary course: 6-2
Current room: B409
Date of birth: April 6, 1986
Hometown: Memphis, TN
AKA: rob

Rob was a member of the class of 2008 and received a degree in Course 6. He used to be involved in several projects, including setting up and maintaining the Slugwiki Server, developing software for the Bemix system, providing ideas and manual labor for the 4E Network, and recovering from a serious Stargate addiction. Since SGU has come out, his Stargate addiction has resumed.

Rob used to work as a UROP with the Decentralized Information Group. He worked on a project called dbView, a tool written in python meant to export MySQL stores to RDF for use in the Semantic Web.

After graduation, Rob worked as an engineer at Next Jump for a year in New York city. He was formerly "unemployed" while working full time on a music-based web startup in the city. He currently lives with Andrew Westerdale in the Pink Palace, but formerly lived with Fratty and Lyric Doshi in Brooklyn while all three were working at NxJ.

Now Rob is working at a new startup in New York called Moat.

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