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You can take Karen out of Walcott, but you can't take the Walcott out of Karen

The southern third of the floor. Home to the Cocoa Lounge.

Back in the day, Walcott was the quiet section of the hall. The recent concentration of freshmen into Walcott has, however, markedly altered the character of this entry. Examples of such change include the recent walleyball tournaments and the spools in the lounge. Slugfest residents have begun to question their old notions of Walcott; some have even begun refering to it as "the new Bemis." Nevertheless, the time honored Walcott way of doing things with class still resonates--in direct contrast with the "thug life" attitude taken by many Thugfest residents.

On Wednesday, 26 October 2005, a Statue of Liberty was due to be placed in Walcott to celebrate and commemorate the tradition of freedom with the ethernet cable. However, since all the metal in East Campus was already claimed by Walker, a makeshift version was temporarily installed.


-Walcott is so cool it even has a song named after it (performed by Vampire Weekend).

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