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A spirited game of Walleyball

Game of volleyball played in the Cocoa Lounge. The net is made of Ethernet Cable, and is hung from pipes that span the length of either side of the lounge. Games typically involve large masses of Slugs that compete on teams of 3 in a round-robin style tournament. Most Walleyball action is spontaneous, loud, late at night, and quite distasteful to the more refined residents of Walcott.


  • Serves that touch the ceiling are considered faults
  • Walls, ceilings, and furniture are considered "in bounds;" only the ground is out
  • Teams may hit the ball as many times as necessary (no 3-hit limit as in normal volleyball)
  • A single player can hit the ball multiple times in a row (no carries or excessive bobbling, please)
  • Games go to 15, with scoring allowed on every point, regardless of who served
  • Game stops when all the lights and smoke detectors in the lounge have been broken

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